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the light in me, sees the light in you

Yoga Classes - Private Instruction - Yoga for Mums - Yoga for Performers
Yoga for Performers
Access the serenity and strength within yourself.


Performers from any discipline need strength.  The study of Yoga cultivates powerful bodies and clarity in our thoughts.  These qualities alone are enough to set apart a great performer.  


As a professional singer, I understand the demands of performance on our bodies.  Yoga helps us to free the breath, release tension in our muscles, calm nerves, focus the mind, and promotes kindness unto ourselves.  I can tailor a home practice that is perfectly suited to you as an individual and supportive of your art.


Please contact me to arrange private instruction or group workshops.  

I look forward to meeting you!




Yoga for Mums
Extra support for the most special of times.

Prenatal yoga is specifically designed to aid women in preparation for birth and motherhood.  My classes and private instruction focus on boosting your wellness and relaxation. 


Postnatal yoga is equally nourishing and structured for new mums.  These classes ease typical physical discomfort, strengthen muscles and recharge the practitioner.


Please contact me for group classes or private instruction.

It is with deep gratitude that I serve the community of women.



About me,

200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Tree San Francisco

90 Hr. Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, Mama Tree - Jane Austin Yoga


Rebecca has been a yoga practitioner for ten years.  In early 2015, she traveled to San Francisco, California to complete her teacher training.  There, she studied with Darren Main, Harvey Deutch, David Moreno, Jason Bowman, Darcy Lyon and Jane Austin.  Rebecca is also a certified prenatal/postnatal teacher.  


Her passion for wellness and the cultivation of postivitiy is deeply rooted into her teaching.  An avid traveler and classical musician, Rebecca has witnessed first-hand the transformative powers of Yoga.  She is honored to share the benefits of the practice with all her students.




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